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Comma Inc.

This project was one of our favorites! Comma Inc is not your average business consultant. Just one meeting with Jesse Wilson (owner) and you will see his passion for helping people to find their why. Our hope was to showcase Jesse, and his passion. We were able to incorporate a custom blog, 6-box process flow, and an "our story" slider.

"Comma Inc. is a new kind of consultancy, founded on the idea that pursuing heart-based purpose produces better results in business and life than any other pursuit, including the pursuit of profit. Leaders who have the courage to let purpose be the driving motivation at the heart of their organizations find multiplying benefits for their business (in the form of consistently better decision making, more energized, collaborative, loyal employees, long-term profitability, and an organizational culture of joy), benefits for the world (in the form of more effectively and sustainably meeting the needs of stakeholders), and benefits for the bottom line (whatever your bottom line happens to be)."

Requirements for this project were: White / clean layout, blog, consultant process explaination, and social plug-in for twitter.

October, 2015